News Coverage of Kevin McDevitt’s
Unsolved Atlantic City Multi-Dose Drug Killing

The Only Media Coverage of Kevin’s Death Came Four Years After the Young Volunteer Firefighter Was Found Dead in Atlantic City; Neither Police or Prosecutors Ever Released News of His Death to the Media; This Case, and Its Scheduled February Trial Now See the Light of Day Because the McDevitts Will Never Give Up Until They Find the Truth

August 31, 2014
On the fourth anniversary of Kevin McDevitt, Jr.’s death– The Press of Atlantic City published an exclusive interview with the dead man’s family.

September 2, 2014
Two days later, the McDevitt’s hometown newspaper —The Times Herald-Record of Middletown, Orange County, New York– ran an exclusive interview with the family, along with a timeline sidebar.

October 20, 2014
The Press of Atlantic City reported one of the prostitute’s second guilty plea, this time for cutting off her monitoring bracelet and fleeing before sentencing.

November 7, 2014
The Press of Atlantic City in a new report said an Atlantic County, New Jersey court, the day before, had joined both indictments against Dewight Greer. Superior Court Judge Kyran Connor joined human trafficking,strict liability and theft charges in both indictments, “saying it was all part of ‘the Greer plan.’ Greer allegedly recruited prostitutes, got them hooked on drugs to ensure their subservience, and then trained them on how to rob customers,” the newspaper reported.

“’This entailed providing drugs to johns in order to neutralize his natural instincts not to give up information,’ Connor said. ‘It turns out, Mr. McDevitt died as a result,’” Lynda Cohen reported.

One prostitute had been released on her own recognizance after her November 2013 guilty plea but then cut off the device and fled New Jersey. At her October 19, 2014 plea hearing she again sought to be released on her own recognizance pending sentencing and promised testimony against Dewight Greer. The prosecutor objected, the judge agreed and Iyerusale Bihon will be jailed until her  sentencing.

December 15-16, 2014
New York City’s WPIX TV, Tribune Media’s flagship station put its Pix Investigates unit onto the McDevitt case, devoting two consecutive nights for its investigation into Kevin McDevitt Jr.’s death.  On the first night, veteran New York City reporter Mary Murphy interviewed Kevin Sr. and Theresa McDevitt, along with one of the boys who had traveled to Atlantic City with Kevin Jr.

On the second night the investigative unit broadcast the audio of an interview it conducted with an unidentified southwestern U.S. woman who, through a stroke of fate, had contacted the MdDevitts  after literally stumbling onto this website and using its “Contact Us.”

The young woman has turned her life around since working for Dewight Greer, whom she told the McDevitts she knew as, “Stacy Greer.” The woman told the McDevitts in her first contact that she is raising a family, become very religious in her new life, and firmly believes that a higher power somehow led her to our website after Greer came to mind nearly a decade after she left Greer’s employment.

She told Pix Investigates that Greer’s intentions and instructions with her and his other prostitutes even nine years ago were to always incapacitate johns in order to steal their valuables and credit cards. As the two screen grabs from the television broadcast show, she said that Greer taught his “girls” to give johns what they thought was eye drops but was liquid heroin and cocaine.

Greer WPIX 1 500x270

Read and Watch the Pix Investigates Dec. 15th Exclusive 

WPIX SW Woman 1

WPIX SW Woman 2

Read and Watch the Pix Investigates Dec. 16th Exclusive

Dec. 28, 2014

The McDevitt’s hometown newspaper, the Middletown, New York, Times Herald-Record, speaks with Kevin, Sr. and Theresa McDevitt after an Atlantic County, New Jersey superior court judge sets a Feb. 23, 2015 trial date for the accused human trafficker also charged with strict liability for providing the drugs that killed Kevin Jr.