Do you have information that can help the McDevitts find answers after these agonizing four years? If so, please get in touch with us via the contact box on this page.

Were you in Atlantic City between 4 AM on August 31, 2010 and 8:41 PM September 1st?

  • A tourist or gambler staying at or near the Tropicana Casino Hotel during that time?
  • Working at the Tropicana Casino Hotel, or the Rodeway Inn on South N. Carolina Avenue five blocks away, during that time?
  • Walking on the boardwalk near one of the many ATMs from which thousands of dollars in cash withdrawals were attempted with Kevin McDevitt Jr.’s debit/credit card as he lay dying in the motel room?
  • Working at one of the Atlantic City-area Rite Aid stores during the time that thousands of dollars were successfully charged to Kevin Jr.’s stolen Visa Debit/Credit Card?
  • Outside the Tropicana Casino Hotel early that Tuesday, August 31st to observe Kevin Jr. going willingly or being led perhaps at gunpoint to the Rodeway Inn motel five blocks away?
  • An Atlantic City Bar and Grill patron who observed the alleged human trafficker / drug dealer, convicted or alleged prostitutes pay for food or drink using Kevin Jr.’s stolen credit card? Do you know if any of the three were regular customers of the restaurant? If so, would servers know the card presented did not belong to the presenter?
  • Employed by the Atlantic County Medical Examiner’s Office (which has since been closed) to observe or have knowledge of any forensic test conducted to rule in or out to definitively determine the delivery method that put heroin and cocaine in Kevin Jr.’s body, inhalation or injection as well as a site of entry?
  • Employed or outsourced by the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office to test cotton swabs or glassine envelopes recovered from the room to determine drugs present/used and their potency? If so, what test(s) or methods were employed?
  • An expert in Victim / Witness best practices who is willing to look into the level of compassion, information shared about the office, its procedures, and the information flow to the McDevitts, about which they are highly critical?
  • An attorney licensed in New Jersey with firsthand experience dealing with New Jersey county prosecutors’ offices to be able to analyze the criminal cases against all three defendants to be able to tell the McDevitts whether the negotiated pleas for each defendant was fair in light of all the facts adduced and the individuals’ personal and criminal histories?
  • An experienced homicide investigator in New Jersey who can help the McDevitts to learn, independently whether the Atlantic City Police Department, the New Jersey State Police, and the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office acted with professional due diligence in investigating the death of Kevin McDevitt, Jr. or should have moved with more alacrity and professionalism to apprehend the individuals involved and share with the parents any evidence they had re: their son’s possible illicit drug use?