This website and all its content is © Copyright 2014 by Kevin B. and Theresa McDevitt. None of it may be reprinted, or quoted beyond fair use, without their express written permission. These pages represent a final, desperate step by the McDevitts after years seeking answers in the death of their son, about whom no evidence has ever been produced to them indicating hard drug use or experimentation until his unbelievable multi-drug overdose.

All statements by the McDevitts contained in this website are expressions of their personal opinions and beliefs, including but not limited to any reference to dereliction of duty, failures of investigation, negligence, motivations, competency or lack thereof, by authorities and law enforcement, and are not intended as and should not be construed as assertion of fact. No statements contained in this website are intended to convey and should not be construed to convey fact or knowledge that any persons actually illegally used drugs at any time.

The McDevitts are of the opinion that their son’s death was never properly investigated by authorities and that at least one key witness and/or co-conspirator was never sought. If this website brings new information to the McDevitts and ultimately to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office in time it will be a success.

These pages contain recollections of the McDevitts from conversations, “informational meetings,” and other contacts with the police, prosecutors, the prosecutor’s office of Victim Witness services, and others.

There is no intention to malign any person or government agency; the McDevitts are expressing their personal opinions and through this website seek to gain additional information related to their son’s death. While individuals have not been identified by name, except for the alleged human trafficker charged with providing the drugs that killed their son, if you believe you or your agency have received unfair treatment herein please let us know by using the contact form on this page.

The McDevitts are committed to accuracy across this website. If you believe that information contained in the website is inaccurate, please use the contact form that appears on this page. You will be contacted and if and when appropriate we will set the record straight or publish your requested correction verbatim.

The McDevitts seek the truth, to learn more about the circumstances of Kevin McDevitt, Jr.’s demise. Additionally, they believe that Victim / Witness treatment needs to be improved in Atlantic City and County so that victims can better understand the court process and be supported by persons who are their own advocates.

Outside of alleged human trafficker Greer, who may be a Florida or Washington, D.C. resident, only Kevin Sr., Kevin Jr., and Theresa McDevitt are personally identified by name in this website. The McDevitts also have related to the best of their respective recollection comments they say they heard in person or over the telephone, or in documents the prosecutor’s office has allowed them to read but not copy. Any quotes regarding such or attributed to persons may not actually be verbatim, even if reflected in quotation marks, although they are presented to the best of the McDevitts’ respective recollections.

This website may also quote from comments in notarized statements provided by two friends of the McDevitt family. One person accompanied Kevin McDevitt, Sr. on his first trip to the Atlantic City Police Department immediately after Kevin Jr. was found dead; the other person accompanied Kevin, Sr. to Atlantic City on another date.

In February 2014, in response to a written plea from the McDevitts to the Office of the Attorney General of New Jersey for help in this case, the acting attorney general wrote that the McDevitt’s complaint was being referred to the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, an arm of the Attorney General’s Office, for review. As of Aug. 19, 2014 the McDevitts have no record of receiving a reply from the Division.

TD Bank has provided Kevin Jr.’s debit/credit card statement and the card’s “Card Management” printout, which shows successful and unsuccessful attempts at purchases and ATM withdrawals. Card management shows many different terminal numbers for successful and unsuccessful use for an account that had close to $10,000 in it. Since those terminal number locations were not provided to the McDevitts they have been unable to track the complete path of the card’s entire usage at ATMs and at Rite Aid.

Rite Aid provided store location information for their units where the $6,000-plus was charged to the dead man’s debit / credit card. But that information initially included locations in West Virginia, Georgia, and Massachusetts, which apparently is incorrect. The McDevitts were directed to an outside counsel for Rite Aid who was not able to help identify terminals since, he said, their numbers are unique to TD Bank. Copies of the original signed receipts which accompanied the $6,000 in Rite Aid charges were also requested but never received.