Was Naive, 21-Year-Old Kevin McDevitt, Jr., Volunteer Firefighter and Criminal Justice Major, Forced or Fooled Into Ingesting Deadly Amounts of Heroin and Cocaine in “AC”?

Alleged Human Trafficker’s Trial on “Strict Liability” for Allegedly Supplying the Deadly Drugs, Other Charges Connected to August 2010 Upstate New York Man’s Death Begins Feb. 24th in Atlantic County Court.

Kevin Jr., High School Graduation

Kevin McDevitt Jr., High School Graduation

What Roles Did Alleged Human Trafficker Dewight Montrell Greer and Two Prostitutes Convicted of Working for Him Really Play in Deadly Scheme to Strong-Arm and Steal Credit Card and PIN From McDevitt Jr., Who Had Absolutely No Illicit Drug Use History?

As Kevin McDevitt, Jr. Lay Dying—or Already Was Dead—Perhaps Killed, Five Blocks From Where the Former HS Football Player Registered at Atlantic City’s Tropicana Hotel / Casino, More Than $6,000 in Merchandise and Cash Advances Was Charged at Atlantic City Rite Aid Locations.

The criminal cases involving three persons charged to date with involvement in or knowledge of the circumstances surrounding Kevin McDevitt Jr.’s death progress through Atlantic County, New Jersey court. Both prostitutes have pleaded guilty to prostitution and theft charges.  One of them has also been charged with contempt for cutting off an ankle monitoring bracelet and fleeing New Jersey.

For Members of the Media: 2015 Court Dates

Now, nearly 52 months since McDevitt Jr. was found dead, the alleged ringleader of the scheme to render him helpless and take his debit card and its PIN is set to go on trial for human trafficking, strict liability and theft charges that, if convicted, could subject him to decades of New Jersey imprisonment.

McDevitt Case Media Coverage

It took four years after Kevin McDevitt, Jr., was found dead in a seedy, two-story motel five blocks from the Tropicana where he was registered, for the first media reports to break the news.  Neither police nor prosecutors released Kevin’s death to the local newspapers or broadcast media. Our News Media Page contains reports from newspapers in New York and New Jersey, as well as an investigative report aired on two consecutive nights on WPIX-TV in New York City, the nation’s biggest media market.


Kevin Jr.’s  Parents Dissatisfied With Police Investigation,
Their Perceived Lack of Cooperation from Prosecutors,
Plead for Someone Who Knows To Come Forward
… and Help Them Before It’s Too Late.

It’s been four-plus agonizing years and Kevin McDevitt, Sr. and his wife, Theresa, have yet to be shown any evidence, statements, or proof that their son, Kevin Jr., knowingly or willingly used cocaine or heroin before or on the day of his early morning death on August 31, 2010 in a seedy Atlantic City motel room, five blocks from the Tropicana Hotel and Casino room in which Kevin McDevitt Jr. and three friends were registered.

A Nearly Unknown Death

If you’re not aware of Kevin Jr.’s death you’re not alone. Very few people outside of law enforcement know about it.

A motel maid discovered Kevin Jr.’s body shortly after a Mercedes Benz containing two men who were renting and or using the room abruptly cleared out of the two-story cinderblock motel. The maid entered, called the manager and police arrived.

The seashore casino town’s newspaper of record, The Atlantic City Press, never carried news of Kevin Jr.’s death, not one paragraph. The McDevitts have seen no indication, and doubt that, the Atlantic City Police Department told any media, let alone issued a news release. And as of Aug. 10, 2014 the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office has never posted on its website any news or information related to the incidents surrounding Kevin Jr.’s death, not even about any of the charges now pending in indictments or initially as arrests or complaints.

Why was Kevin Jr.’s death unannounced, unreported, and from the McDevitts’ perspective still unresolved? Kevin Jr.’s Orange County, New York parents cite four reasons.

Kevin Jr. and Kevin Sr.

Kevin Jr. and Kevin Sr.

1. Follow The Money

Two days before the Labor Day weekend, on Tuesday, August 31, 2010, Kevin Jr.’s body was found. Once the seaside jewel of the east coast, the casino town in 2010 had the highest crime rate of any casino city in the U.S., http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/press/atlantic/violent-crime-rate-higher-in-atlantic-city-than-in-other/article_b3e19716-e716-11e0-ac2c-001cc4c03286.html. It also is reported to have one of the highest violent crime rates in the state. http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2014/03/10_most_dangerous_cities_in_new_jersey.html Casino towns at least appear to be magnets not just for gamblers, but also for crooks, and criminals of all persuasions.

Atlantic City casinos needed patrons. You do the “math.” Alleged prostitution, drug dealing, and an upstate New York man found dead blocks from his casino hotel room? Two alleged prostitutes and their alleged pimp / trafficker who preyed on the young visitor. Consider why the police department—in a casino/hospitality city with an image already suffering because of the crime rate referenced above—would not distribute a news release about that death. Would the local newspaper start asking questions? If aware, perhaps The Philadelphia Inquirer as well as Philadelphia TV and radio maintaining bureaus in Atlantic City would have turned Kevin’s death into a broader investigation. Kevin’s death occurred four years before the recent scourge of cheap heroin deaths exploded across the U.S.

The Associated Press has an Atlantic City bureau. If the circumstances surrounding Kevin’s death got onto “the wire” it could be in news across the northeast, including the McDevitt’s hometown newspaper in Tuxedo Park, New York.

If only the media was aware of and had reported Kevin Jr.’s death, maybe individuals with information in Atlantic City, in another casino town, in Orange County or somewhere else might have come forward with fresh memories for police or the grieving McDevitts, who might have been spared years of pure hell.

Do You Know?

If you know something about this case, now is the time to contact the McDevitts. Three of the individuals allegedly involved are behind bars. A second man spotted leaving the room and (see below) helping walk Kevin Jr. up to the motel’s’ second floor has NEVER been identified or charged. The McDevitts are of the opinion that authorities may know his identify but have never told the McDevitts. Do you know the identity of this Unknown Subject? Contact us.

If you feared the alleged human trafficker and drug dealer, Dewight Montrell Greer, a/k/a Stacey Greer, a/k/a Romale Tyson, a/k/a Snake, he is now in custody, facing many years in prison if convicted on all counts of his indictments, even though any charge short of murder is not tough enough for the McDevitts. Now you can finally come forward and tell them what you know.

Even if you saw Kevin occasionally use drugs, even if you occasionally used them with him, enough time has passed that you should not fear telling the McDevitts the truth. They need answers before all three individuals are allowed to enter negotiated plea agreements. After that occurs, there is little hope they will learn more about the case.

Kevin McDevitt fishing

Kevin Loved Fishing

2. The Addict Assumption

In the McDevitts’ opinion and belief, the homicide detective assigned to Kevin Jr.’s case, that detective’s superiors, or perhaps both, took the easy route. The McDevitts believe that the detective and / or the superiors assumed Kevin Jr. was just another heroin addict, and allowed the critical first 48 hours after his death to come and go based on that assumption. The McDevitts are worried whether in those critical early stages a substantial amount of evidence was ignored, not sought or not followed-up on by the authorities…and that now it is too late. The McDevitts refuse to believe their volunteer firefighter son, who soon was returning to college to pursue a criminal justice degree, ever knowingly used drugs. The McDevitts are of the opinion that if proper forensics were applied and followed to a conclusion, the McDevitts could have known years ago if Kevin Jr. intentionally had used the drugs, even if perhaps his first and only time had killed him.

For example, Kevin Sr. begged police to test the glassine bag and Q-tips found in the motel room for the presence of his son’s’ DNA. Despite their imploring, the McDevitts never have been told that such testing occurred, (or if it did what are the results). In the four years since Kevin’s death not one person in Orange County, Atlantic City or elsewhere has ever told the McDevitts that he/she saw Kevin use any illicit drug.

Kevin and Mom, Theresa

Kevin and Mom, Theresa

3. Atlantic City Police Homicide Staff and Vacations

According to a notarized statement by a McDevitt family friend, and Kevin Sr.’s recollection of his first visit to the Atlantic City Police Department immediately after his son’s death, a homicide detective told them that because of manpower / budget shortages, the same detective could be investigating an unsolved death one moment and handling a traffic collision the next. Additionally, Kevin Sr. claims that the detective went on vacation during the first days after his son’s death. According to the police department’s Public Information Office the detective did not go on vacation the day after Kevin Jr.’s body was found.

Fishing with Dad

Fishing with Dad

4. The McDevitts Believe that Kevin Jr.Was “Small Potatoes” to Prosecutors

At one “informational meeting” arranged by the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, at which New Jersey State Police and prosecutor’s office detectives were present, Kevin Sr. related that he and a friend had found criminal history information on the Internet ostensibly about the alleged human trafficker. Angrily in Kevin Sr.’s opinion, one of the New Jersey State Police detectives present grimaced and after glaring at Kevin Sr. complained out loud, that Kevin Sr. would “blow our trafficking case.” For a couple of years, as far as the McDevitts could tell, nothing was being done about their son’s death but the human trafficking case apparently was going full speed.

In June 2014, the McDevitt’s say the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office allowed them to view—but not copy—a handwritten multi-page statement given to them by the alleged prostitute allegedly working for the alleged human trafficker, pimp and drug supplier, Dewight Montrell Greer, a/k/a Stacey Greer, a/k/a Romale Tyson, a/k/a Snake.

An Atlantic County Grand Jury has charged Greer in two indictments. One includes, “strict liability,” a non-homicide, drugs-related statute under which the supplier of drugs that kill another individual can, if convicted, face up to 20 years’ imprisonment.

New Jersey logged only three strict liability convictions and seven arrests in 2013, according to statistics provided in late April 2014 by the Division of Criminal Justice. Since 2010 across the Garden State there have been only seven convictions and 17 arrests under this law. The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office did not provide statistics on how many cases it had brought under the statute in 2013 or any previous year.

Was Greer’s 2013 indictment
Atlantic County’s lone strict liability case?

“In our opinion if our son had been a high powered or high profile executive of a public company who died of an overdose on a luxury yacht, the person who delivered the drugs would be charged more aggressively and more quickly under New Jersey’s death statutes,” Kevin Sr., said. “Wouldn’t first- or second-degree homicide charges be pending if the police and prosecutors, early on, had more thoroughly investigated and gathered evidence to prove that the scheme that killed my son involved three co-conspirators who lured him and disabled him with drugs to steal his debit card and PIN, but then, even if inadvertently in the process, killed him?”

“It is our opinion that the Atlantic City Police and / or other assigned investigators assumed from the beginning that our son was a just another heroin addict, and that as a result, any chance to know the full circumstances of his death, and how he was killed may never be known,” Kevin Sr. said.

Kevin Jr.’s body was discovered in a second-floor South N. Carolina Avenue Rodeway Inn room. In a crime scene photo Kevin Sr. viewed, his namesake son’s body was in a straightened-up room, lying on a twin bed, and dressed only in his boxer underwear. But another crime scene photo he saw as a black-and-white photocopy at the second “informational meeting” showed the same room as unkempt, with bottles strewn about. “How can there be two crime scene photos at variance to each other?” Kevin Sr. asks.

When Kevin Jr.’s body was discovered it was determined that Kevin Jr.’s TD Bank Visa Debit/Credit card was missing from his wallet, as was his mobile phone, a shoebox containing a dress shirt and new Air Jordan sneakers. Only his wallet and the pair of sneakers he was wearing were recovered and returned to the family.

Greer, in the indictments, is also charged with drug dealing, theft, human trafficking, witness tampering and other charges, all in connection with events surrounding Kevin Jr.’s death.

One of New Jersey’s 12 Most Wanted

Before his arrest in New Orleans, Greer had been listed as a 2013 New Jersey State Police, “12 Most Wanted.” That wanted poster notes that the 6’3” and 213 pound man, with several gold teeth, had tattoos on his arms and neck and said he should be “consider[ed] very dangerous.”

“It is inconceivable to Theresa and me that Kevin Jr. would at any time of day and obviously not at approximately 4 AM willingly walk with Greer on a nearly deserted Atlantic City boardwalk to the Rodeway Inn five blocks away. Kevin did not know Atlantic City. In fact, he was there with three friends, essentially on a fluke, when the girls they were to see in Seaside Park said not to visit them,” Kevin Sr. said.

To the McDevitts’ recollection, the alleged prostitute, who is expected to cooperate in trial against Greer, said in her handwritten statement to investigators (which statement they were allowed to view but not copy) that Greer trains his prostitutes not just to be “flat backers,” i.e. simply provide sex for pay, but that Greer’s goal always is to steal from johns who were under his control. They recollect that alleged prostitute also wrote to the effect that Greer was “loud and aggressive” in forcing Kevin Jr. to reveal his debit/credit card’s PIN. They recollect that she also wrote that she saw Greer and an unidentified male walk Kevin Jr. into motel Room 107 and later saw an unsteady Kevin Jr. being walked up stairs to Room 207 of the Rodeway Inn by the same two men, each holding one of Kevin Jr.’s arms as he appeared intoxicated.

But the second, convicted prostitute, at her January 2014 guilty plea, claimed that Greer, the alleged human trafficker and drug dealer, “gave” Kevin Jr. the drugs. She offered this brief allocution only after prodding. The convicted prostitute also stated that the second, still-unidentified man, whom she, too, did not identify, walked Kevin Jr. into Room 207, and that at that point the convicted and alleged prostitutes and Greer were in the room and Greer gave Kevin Jr. the drugs. The statements made at her guilty plea do not mesh with the McDevitts’ recollection of the written statement by the other alleged prostitute.

That convicted prostitute, a Sudanese native, pleaded guilty and faced a negotiated 18-month prison term when sentenced. She was released to reside locally, and outfitted with an electronic monitoring bracelet pending sentencing. At her January guilty plea she acknowledged being warned that she faced a total of 11-plus years instead of 18 months were she to remove the bracelet and flee. The prostitute allegedly did cut off her ankle-monitoring bracelet and fled New Jersey. She was captured in Baltimore, yet today faces less than half of the 11-plus years she was warned she could face, according to the disappointed McDevitts who met with the prosecutor’s office to learn the plea arrangement it would offer her.

Four Drugs?

Exactly how did Heroin, Cocaine, Xanax and marijuana end up in Kevin Jr.’s body? A nationally known medical examiner retained by the McDevitts to review the toxicology report said “accidental” (as the official report found) as Kevin Jr.’s manner of death, “is not appropriate.” While an accident is, “…a totally unforeseen and unexpected event. The presence of a cannabinoid, benzodiazepine, heroin and cocaine in someone who has no reported drug use history is extremely likely to cause death. Even in a person habitually using these drugs with a developed tolerance, a similar outcome is likely,” the retained medical examiner wrote.

Today’s hypodermic syringes can have extremely fine needles. It is possible for an injection site to be missed unless a thorough post mortem search for one is done, one medical examiner’s office manager in another state recently said. In Kevin Jr.’s case, he has no discernible artifacts of drug use on his body, his family said he didn’t use drugs, he had no criminal history and, as a result, no centimeter by centimeter visual examination was noted in the New Jersey medical examiner’s report.

One nationally-known forensic laboratory scientist said recently that the Atlantic County Medical Examiner could have tested for and then proved from affected tissues the exact path these drugs took to get into Kevin Jr.’s body. If nasal entry were to have been proven scientifically as the only site of entry, then the McDevitts would at least have known that. At this point they never will.

By investigators or prosecutors failing (as far as the McDevitts are aware, and as Kevin Sr. requested) to cause to be tested the Q-tips and glassine envelope evidence for DNA, or providing them to the family to be tested privately, they will never know if tests would have revealed whether the swabs were inserted into Kevin’s nostrils by him, or another person by coercion, or after he already was under the influence of and totally compliant from one drug.

If Only…

The McDevitts believe that if the police had immediately contacted Verizon they could have determined, from cell tower triangulation, whether a 4:52 AM phone call tagged with a location many miles from Atlantic City was made on Kevin Jr.’s mobile phone by Kevin, and exactly who was called at 609-418-0405.

A check of calls made to and by 609-418-0405 in August 2010 might have located the alleged trafficker and the still-unidentified second man or who knows who else that may have been involved in the scheme that killed Kevin Jr.

If authorities has tested Kevin Jr.’s hair they likely would have been able to tell the McDevitts if he had a history of drug use, even if occasional. The McDevitts are not aware of any indication that the authorities did so.

If authorities had more aggressively interviewed the three boys Kevin Jr. was with, they may have learned more about the circumstances of the alleged argument they had with Kevin Jr., or if any or all four of the boys possibly used drugs. The McDevitts now do not know one way or the other.

If authorities had originally secured Tropicana and other locations’ camera tapes would they have known Kevin Jr.’s complete path to the Rodeway Inn? The McDevitts are not aware of any indication that the authorities did so.

If authorities had shown Kevin Sr. photos made at each ATM with their time stamps he would have known whether Kevin Jr. had attempted or succeeded in making withdrawals himself. The authorities did not do so.

If authorities had immediately contacted the Resorts International cashier’s cage would they have been able to get a copy of tape or still photos of Greer attempting to withdraw cash as Kevin Jr.? The McDevitts are not aware of any indication that the authorities did so.

If authorities had visited the Atlantic City Bar and Grill promptly (the McDevitts are not aware of any indication that the authorities did so), would they have been able to identify Greer or one of the alleged prostitutes as having used Kevin Jr.’s debit/credit card there? Would they have been able to aggressively question a server or cashier to see whether someone at that location knew the card did not belong to the person presenting it? Would they have found someone who knew Greer as a regular customer and perhaps saw him use the ATM card?

If authorities had in depth interviewed the Rodeway Inn maid or night manager would they have more quickly been able to identify Greer and perhaps the still-unidentified second man? The McDevitts are not aware of any indication that the authorities did so

Please read the rest of this website and use the contact form on this page if you can help the McDevitts before it is too late.

If you have information that can help the McDevitts in their four-year quest for the truth please send a confidential email to them here. If your tip can help and contains contact information, you’ll be contacted by them or someone helping their family to find the truth.